Rosary Apostolate

The Rosary Apostolate is a ministry of evangelization through the most efficacious prayer of the Holy Rosary. We are a group of volunteers who have a great devotion to Mary and a desire to spread her love of Jesus to the children and staff of our elementary schools.

Each year this ministry brings the message given to us by our Pope to each of our elementary schools. Our region of the Apostolate (Mississauga 3) has been operating for the past 16 years and has reached out to over 2500 children each school year.

Our mission as apostles of Mary is to lead staff and students to Jesus through Mary. We do this by contemplating the mysteries of the Rosary while following the path that Jesus and Mary walked together.

For more information on the Rosary Apostolate please visit their website at or contact them at 905-812-0030 Ext 8.